me, myself & andrei

25 Jan 2006
Me and my HP nx9030 laptop

The laptop is almost brand new. Only one year old.

Yet… the nx9030 has a bad history with time-related features. Some people had almost no clock support, others had problems with time zone differences, etc.

I had problems with it not running the time correctly after shutdown/hibernate. If I shut it down at 10:30, when I powered it again… after more than 5 hours let’s say, the times was showing only 11:23 or something.

Therefore the main board was replaced. For free. That’s not all… I had problems with the hard drive - bad sectors. That one replace as well. For free God thanks!

Now….well, guess what. After having almost a month since the main board replacement, the video is playing tricks on me. The brightness keeps flickering. And I only have a couple of days left out of the warranty.

Only one question: why me?