me, myself & andrei

31 Jan 2006
The Theory of Relativity in University Life

Have you ever thought that things change along with your perspective? Not as much as how you see things, but things that you do change the perspective itself. More like, change “reality”, whatever it may be.

I do.

My own example is that since the moment you put your pen down at an exam, and the moment when you are notified about the grade, things can change.

I somehow believe that when you finished the exam, not all variables have been defined, therefore not even your grade. Most students go out of the examination room, and think “I blew it” or “I did great”. Somewhat true nevertheless, but not entirely.

It wasn’t only once when things haven’t been like that. I do not have the proper knowledge to explain this fully, but still… In this matter, I believe without seeing. It’s relativity that actually makes this happen.