me, myself & andrei

01 Feb 2006
The Theory of Relativity in relation to... Trinklets

Yeah, yeah… I know that you may say… what the hell is a “trinklet”?
It’s the key-ring that you hold your keys linked.

What’s the connection with the theory of relativity?

Well, usually you give trinklets as a gift. It’s one of those things that people use several times a day. It’s a tricky gift… you give it in order for that someones to remind themselves of you.

Relativity comes when… you give it having so much faith that it will trigger memories, feelings, thoughts, questions, and the new owner has no such events.

It’s a bit sad. Almost like being ignored.
Yet, the beauty of our lives it’s simply in the action of giving that trinklet. It’s the expectations that kill us or give a boost to our positive thinking. Yet, somehow… it’s not too healthy.

Relative: how can something mean so much for someone, and so little for someone else? It’s simply a trinklet, for heaven’s sake.