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14 Mar 2006
The DaVinci Code

Letter to

Dear Sirs,
I just wanted to drop a line about your action to publish such a website.

While on one hand, I was glad to find that such initiatives exists, on the other hand I was not even dissapointed about the result, because in order to be dissapointed about something, that something must exist for real.

1. my hope that the church, may it be catholic or orthodox or other branches, has decided not to stand still and let people take every word in The DaVinci Code novel for real, without having any doubts

  1. my hope that the church will help us, people, learn that not everything that shines is gold

  2. my hope that the church learned through the years that MAKING people believe is worse than not believing at all, and that the best way to let people come towards God is LETTING them believe

1. there are almost no real counter-arguments

  1. the language that is used has the effect to distract the mind, thus making people uninterested

  2. using sections like “WHAT DO YOU SAY TO A DA VINCI CODE BELIEVER?” is almost like brain-washing. Giving someone 1 million arguments in order to remember at least 10, or giving only a strong one, is far better than teaching WHAT TO SAY! Don’t we strive for democracy and the right of free-speech? Free-speech also implies, for me, free-thinking! And that has nothing to do with “WHAT TO SAY WHEN/TO…”

  3. the church seems to be still in its early years, when it banned everything and everyone out of the dogma, like it deed with Jesus Christ, because He said to be God’s son. Maybe He was, maybe He wasn’t. That’s for each and every one of us to believe or disagree with.

  4. the church falls in the trap of the tiniest details, and fails to sustain a good, solid debate. A non-debate would have been the very most gratious move. We should not waste any more time on sustaining that Jesus really existed, that He was merely a good man or that He was indeed God’s son, that He was in love with Mary Magdalene, and many more controverses. While some people need a character or a place to associate with faith, good will, principles, love of all people, some may not. But all of them will run away from being forced/lead into this association. Not to mention that by this association (Jesus and God’s will) you have people saying that Jesus is gone, so why care about today’s life? It’s totally different! Jesus and His life is one thing. Believing in God is another. Doing good deeds and having a joyful and fullfilling life through Light is yet another. The later should be the only goal! The only one! How many wars have been faught due to religious differences? Many! And tell me how many due to differences in opinion about “doing good”? None!

I honestly hope that some action will be taken.
Otherwise, you are not doing anything else than driving people away from believing, and leaving space to lack of belief in people’s minds.

Where did “turn the other cheeck” go? Through actions such as this (publishing this website) you are merely starting your own fight/debate or whatever you want to call it, instead of simply stating That God exists in our mind and soul, and not in historical fiction, may it proove real or not.

A believer,