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07 Jun 2006
Graphics vs Web Designer

I wondered many times what is the main difference between the two, and while it may be obvious for some, it is not for many.

Graphics - … deals with… of course, graphics.

Web - … again… of course, deals with the web.

It wasn’t until yesterday when it hit me. Above all the definitions that may exist over the two types of designer, Graphics designers are the ones that are very much into “what the eyes like” and can distinguish between what needs to be done and what needs to be tried out. Many of us “think properly with the eye” yet do not know what do to, and so… we try this, we try that… in the end, coming to a point where we often say “Hell, it looks shittier than the first version”.

Web designers, on the other hand, are the ones that do the interface for a website. Often enough, they also take care of the programming - that’s a low point. Designers should deal with what is for the feeling, and not with what is for the need. Therefore if you still want to stick to the term “web designer” - there should be “web graphics designer” and “web functionality designer”, the later being the programmer himself.

The thing that happens with the two designers is that often they DO NOT KNOW their limits.

Therefore you see graphics designers doing also web work, meaning that they follow some rules and code a website or a website template, without actually knowing much of the basics. Also, you see web designers doing someone else’s web work, meaning programming, or vice-versa - programmers doing web design.

How it hit me yesterday?… I was going through some templates for WordPress, and I immediately wanted to adapt one of them to my needs. The second I went into the code… pfff. Disaster! The result was….simply building the same template almost from scratch, having almost the same result (due to my needs), but in a cleaner way.

I wonder how we* got to be so selfish, so ego-centric, on a market where SHARE is the main word nowadays. Everything is open-source (let’s give a big applause to Microsoft &others for sticking to keeping to their “strong character and healthy moral backbone”) and stuff can now be shared in a second. Why? Because Internet is all about sharing (information). And since the Internet is the “new sun” of our planet, the “share” is the light coming down on it.

*we - designers, programmers, etc. (we, from the IT world)

It’s one thing to keep your copyright over one thing though, and another to keep the whole idea to yourself, rather than “employing” a proffesional and squeeze the best out of that portion of your idea.

I rest my case… Look at the websites that go round the Internet… 90% of them are full of crap. Not to mention that… let’s say… maybe almost 10% of all are web design groups which emphasize their “skills” and “proffesionalism”, and 90% of those 10% are again.crap.

Bottom line: if someone wants to go a job well, or even take it to its top, let’s share the skills. If we want to get a building done, let’s hire some construction workers… please! Let’s not live in a place we built… I don’t feel comfortable knowing that some graphics/web designers built it…