me, myself & andrei

09 Jun 2006

If you burn quite a lot of DVDs then you might have questioned why some DVDs are +R while some are -R. For some the answer is simple. My drive supports only DVD-R, so I’m only buying those…

For the others… the ones with support for both, the answer is not that simple.

May I say it’s totally shitty.

Let’s start with standards. DVD-R is the approved version (by DVD Forum), and it was developed by Pioneer in 1997.

The DVD+R one was developed by the so called “DVD+RW Alliance” in 2002, yet it has not been approved by the DVD Forum.

I don’t want to be misunderstood. There’s is no standard version!

The “plus” in the DVD+R(W) is that it offers faster writing, better internal linking.

The bottom line is that DVD-R is the most compatible computer-burning DVD format, while DVD+R has some functional advantages.