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06 Jul 2006
Internet Explorer 7 S.U.C.K.S. !

OK… I don’t love nor hate Microsoft, but they really hit the bottom this time!

First of all, how the FUCK (excuse my French) can you build a new browser that doesn’t stick to the STANDARDS????? in a world where standards run the headlines??

Yes, that’s true. If you install IE 7 (beta 3) you will see that instead of going forward, and try to help the old version in getting closer to the standards, they break even more standards. Just go to and test IE 6 and IE 7. “Ohh my God!”…. it’s the only thing I can say.

The IE team simply woke up one morning and said “Hey… the hell with W3C standards. We’re Microsoft.. we can shit on this world, and still people buy our products!”

Imagine this: WordPress is failing to run normally in IE 7. WordPress! There’s nothing more simple like WordPress. You can’t publish anything from IE 7… some plug-ins run weird, while performing great with all the other browsers. (in the meantime, the awesome guys at WordPress seemed to fix incompatibilities)
IE 7 it’s simply stupid, and in a negative way, for the Stupid! It’s simply for those people who prefer a type-writer for a computer, and not for nostalgic reasons… But for the reasons that they have used it since the beginning and now they are afraid to change. Even though the only thing they do is Google and click, and don’t know what a right-click is. That’s why, since it comes with the Operating System, they will stick to it.
It is also Ugly and I’m not talking esthetics here. It is ugly because others become beautiful way before it did. Tabbed browsing - Windows platform had this with Opera and Firefox… Tab Preview - Firefox with plugins, Opera 9… Feed reading - Firefox, way before… Zooming - Opera, way before… Did I forget anything?

Creepy because of the ACID test, which shows no compliance at all with the standards. Read more here about the marvelous intentions of the IE team: . It is outrageous. While Opera spent one year solely on complying with the standards and bringing slight enhancements to the interface… Microsoft spent more than 2 years in bringing “huge” (actually invisible) enhancements to the interface, and broke down the tiny compliance that IE 6 had with the W3C standards.

Killer! I can only laugh and cry when I think to the future of browsing. Laugh because of the way Microsoft wants to do business in an environment where people are so good critics. In a world where the tiniest slip-ups are noticed, reported and then awaited to be fixed in no-time. Cry because I see all those visitors yelling at webdesigners because their website doesn’t show correctly in the shitty IE 7…

For Sure!

In a word: SUCKS!

PS: I’ve never lobbied for Opera or Firefox… yet Opera now rules through it’s standard compliance, and Firefox rules through it’s plug-ins. The only problem they face is memory leak. (Don’t laugh just yet… IE leaks even more! Just that it is harder to notice, due to its connection with the OS…)

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