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20 Sep 2006
Windows Live Messenger - Install Live Safety Scanner

If you installed the new Live Messenger, and tried to transfer files, you have been in the situation to find an antivirus to scan the files, or simply… waste the feature of file transfer.

The thing is that you are put in the situation to download Live Safety Scanner, if you don’t have an antivirus, or you have one, but doesn’t provide you with a command line scan which you can use in the specific field in the Preferences window.

And… whenever you try to install the Live Safety Scanner, if your Regional Settings differ from English (I don’t know if United States is compulsory or not), the Scanner will not install, because… Microsoft decided to realease it just in the US. Why? Ask them.

The quick solution for this is:

  • Go to Control Panel - Regional Settings and change everything to English (United States) and click Apply
  • Go to your Preferences window in Live Messenger, go to File Transfer and click Install, near Windows Live Safety Scanner.
  • It will install this time.
  • Close Live Messenger.
  • Undo the Regional Settings, and restart Live Messenger.
  • Now you will receive an annoying message telling you that Live Safety Scanner has issues, after each file transfer, but File Trasnfer will work like it should. And if your antivirus is checking runtime files, don’t worry, it will protect you from eventual viruses that were transfered like this anyway.

Yes, this is life… Finding new ways to trick Microsoft software.