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31 Oct 2006
Word 2007 Building Blocks Fix - DHTML Nirvana

Here is a good find for overcoming an Office 2007 TR1 bug. A few users have reported to me that whenever they insert page numbers or covers pages in Word 2007 etc they get an error and that functionality is lost. This error is due to the Building Blocks file which seems to get corrupted as you upgrade from the office 2007 beta to the recently released technical refresh.To fix this problem, make sure Word 2007 is closed, then search for the file building blocks and then delete it. Open up Word 2007 again and you have full functionality. The good thing is that The technical refresh has added a number of different cover pages and page number styles etc that weren't available in the previous office beta. Pretty good stuff.

Word 2007 Building Blocks Fix - DHTML Nirvana.