me, myself & andrei

07 Dec 2006
Polish people - from far away

I’ve just got in contact with the Erasmus coordinators of WSHE after sending my documents to them…

I can’t tell you how responsive (not to be taken literally, concerning the time-span) they are. So far there haven’t been vital questions that got no answer, and sometimes you can really feel how surprised they are when they see Polish words used by a foreigner in E-mails.

I think I will have quite a strange feeling when I will get back from Poland. Not that we are having such a bad life in Romania,

but I guess we are making our life worse with our own hands, especially in Bucharest. The same happened in Czech Republic. You would simply expect some Eastern European countries, but instead they are simply Western European, just with a lack of money, in comparison to their Western neighbours.

I guess this doesn’t happen with us… The surprise comes when you meet Serbs or Croatians that look somewhat stupefied when they see Romania. Certain things should really not happen, yet we, as Romanians, embrace them. Maybe it’s the Balcan blood flowing in our veins that killed some neurons on its way.