me, myself & andrei

18 Dec 2006
21st century is past, it's almost middle-aged

This topic really does fit under the FUN-FUNNY-SILLY tag. All in one! :)

Remember “everyting will be done, made and produced by nanobots. this is coming. this is your futzur. you will know that. of course your muzers and fuzers are confused… they are lost.. they are dinosaurs from the past” !

Motto: *“Gee, Brain what do you want to do tonight?”/”The same thing we do every night Pinky. Try to take over the world!” […]

Eu am gasit afisul pe 10 dim. Pe 10 seara avea loc intalnirea raelitilor (asa se numeste ei, care va sa zica de la Rael care-i un fel de Marimar-il pobre hijo care nu fu recunoscut de Doamne Doamne si caruia “elohimii”, care la randul lor este maimutza mica paroasa care iesea din burtica lui Sigourney Weaver in “Alien1..4?!”, i-au spus: “Noi am fost cei care am designat toata viata pe pamant”).

UERD CREP (his/her/its blog) :-p

If you don’t understand Romanian, just click here to get a video in English.

PS: it’s not my discovery - it’s all your credit, prieten drag! :)