me, myself & andrei

05 Jun 2007

WWW - Why, why, why? - Introduction
Firstly, I’d like to tell you Why.. Mainly because I sometimes (not always, and that feels reliefing) I get so many things in my head.. sometimes about important stuff, sometimes about the little things in our day-to-day life that seem to make the world go round..

Secondly, you must be wondering “Why?”, so I’m going to give you an insight. Because just sometimes you feel like there has to be some sense inside the nonsense that you’re thinking. There has to be!

Last, but not least, you probably got stuck with Why. It’s not that I have so many genius-like thoughts, but what if somebody else has one, while reading my lines? Then, maybe it wasn’t all in vain.

P.S. Why some things are (actually will be) in Romanian?.. Just simply because sometimes you have to swear in your native language!

myself, 2005

Well, this was my first post. And because of how things developed… generally speaking… I have had the curiosity to come back to the basis, and I ended up reading that. And it was a good reminder why and what I would like to shout.

And actually it was like that concerning this blog, my blog. There were lots of things being written that simply helped me get my thoughts together, and not to mention that in more than one year there are about 10 posts with “IT discoveries” that so far I didn’t see on another place, and which makes people read my posts.

But there’s a thing that I don’t think is part of me, and it was part of this blog just for the sake of being, for the sake of experimenting. There are at the moment posts that say nothing new (though taken one by one, some might say something about me). So… I don’t know if I’m the first to do so, but… as the maniac that I am, I’m doing a CLEAN UP operation!

Starting from now, I will take one month at a time, and delete… and I’m not afraid to say it… stupid posts of mine!

Don’t worry, I still have lots of stupid things to say, but I’ll start throwing them out in another place, more like… the playground. To be announced!