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20 Jun 2007
Vista x64 - Learnings

User Account Control (UAC)

  • Do not go in Control Panel - User Accounts and turn it off. Instead search in Start Menu for “Local Security Policy” or “secpol.msc”, go to Local Policies - Security Options. On the right-side list look for “User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval Mode” and change that to “Elevate without prompting”

Hibernation, Sleep, etc. - Power Profiles

  • Before going mad about your computer not hibernating, or acting weird upon sleep, etc. make sure that your BIOS Flash is up-to-date. Well-known manufactures strive to make comprehensive updates continuously (e.g. HP).
  • Enable hibernation by typing “powercfg -h on” in an Elevated Command Prompt.

Folder related problems

  • If you use applications that don’t properly detect System folders, then just let them install wherever they want, and then use SHJunction to redirect those folders to wherever it is needed.
  • Example and solution: Winamp doesn’t detect properly that you can have a Shared Settings Folder, so it automatically start building up a new folder in your Application Data folder. Instead of reconfiguring Winamp, just delete everything inside Application DataWinamp and link that with SHJunction to your Shared Settings Folder.
  • The same solution applies if you’re running two Windows versions. Instead of having software configured twice, just link one folder to the other inside Application Data or Local SettingsApplication Data.
  • One important thing is to run the software as Administrator. Just right-click - Properties and change Compatibility to “Run as administrator”.


  • In order to register DivX (fixing the missing dtu100.dll) you should copy dtu100.dll from WindowsSysWow64 to WindowsSystem32

Apache Monitor

  • Apache install correctly, but upon launching “Apache monitor” you get a “Operation completed successfully” message and the application closes. Just right-click - Properties. Change compatibility to run in a Windows XP SP2 environment.


  • If the context menu is not showing for archives, just run WinACE as Administrator and then go into Options and fix file associations!


  • If the context menu is not showing for images, just run PowerISO as Administrator and then go into Options and fix file associations!

Yahoo Messenger

  • For now, it seems like it doesn’t detect webcams ?! Though Live and Skype do!


  • If your mouse doesn’t have drivers/software for Vista (x64) and you miss giving other meanings to the extra buttons, then just download XMouseButtonControl and go with that. Remember that in order to act on elevated applications, you must elevate (run as administrator) XMouseButtonControl. *