me, myself & andrei

24 Jun 2007
Keyboard Layouts?!

Right, so Vista should be so international that you can blow yourself up as an Irishman, and you end up a Chinese.

Hmm… aren’t we talking about Microsoft!?

The thing is that several applications simply don’t follow the international charsets. For instance Yahoo Messenger in Vista - when I press ş, ţ or ă come out as s, t and a. But it works for â and î.

Amazingly enough, if you go to Preferences, and change through some fonts, and at some moment (no real solution so far, just randomly changing them) you will notice, that those 3 diacritics do show up. Again randomly, that “feature” dissappears.

The same thing happens in Total Commander.

Don’t you love, Vista?

Ok, so this is an official BUG! I found it here (Romanian), and that lead to here. But there’s no solution. Other than just waiting for a fix! This bug affects all ANSI applications :(

Bug fixed. You can download it here for x86 and here for x64.