me, myself & andrei

29 Jun 2007
Computer free due to..

due to: curiosity + HP + BIOS upgrade + Vista.
So for now I’m enjoying quite a computer-free life :D

Scenario: preparing for a Vista tryout. One of the upgrades is for BIOS - going to F.28
After upgrading BIOS and installing Vista, a couple of times the computer froze and upon a hard restart, the nothing happened.</p> <p> Symptomps: upon powering up the laptop, the LEDs are turned on (weird enough the card reader LED stays on), the DVD-ROM spins, the HDD is initialized, but nothing more. The HP logo doesn’t appear. </p>

Arbitrary recovery: the first time, after taking out the battery, and powering only by AC, the computer started OK. The second time, the trick didn't do it.

Thoughts? Similar scenarios?

PS: I already tried reseating the RAM modules, did a power drain..
PS2: What's even nicer is that Pavilions are not sold here, so in order to repair it (it still has warranty) I need to take it back to where I bought it!</span>