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02 Aug 2007
Swedish HP Support

More or less like a counter-part to Andressa’s post, here I go with HP support in Sweden. Call it Swedish vs. Romanian. The goods and bads.

So.. baby-laptop went dead, and since it’s a Pavilion they cannot fix in Romania, ‘cause it’s not marketed there. I ended up with it back to Sweden, where I bought it from.

Yesterday I think I’ve stayed on the phone with a guy from HP for an hour altogether. I called in, at first, and I basically started to play dumm, because I was really dumm. A friend called in before and just told me that when I reach Sweden, I should just call in and tell them a reference number and set up the time when a pick-up service will come for the laptop.

Said and done, so.. calling and saying “A friend called before, the reference number is xxxxxx… so what’s next?:)”.. the guy answers “Nothing really :) Pretty much all just that you have to send in a proof of purchase. Just fax it right now, and I will call you back right away”.

The laptop was purschased on another name, so… since the guy forgot to ask for the specific number from where I was calling… he called that person, then called the husband of that person, and then reached me at the office :) After that whole trip, the guy was still virtually smiling at the other end of the line.

I tried to explain to him the situation, that I must get back to Romania, etc, etc. And asked him whether there is not any chance of speeding things up (pick-up in 2 days, repairs in about 10, etc)? I even joked whether they don’t have a special programme for peace-workers… :)

Anyway… after clearing out most things, I also asked if its possible to do a RAM upgrade in-house, and the guy was blocked. Me:”I’m really giving you a hard time, right?:)” He:”:))) Kind of. I really don’t know what to say but I will check that out, and come back to you, ok?:)” After half an hour, calls back for the 4th, 5th time.. Having a happy voice once again “Ok, I figured it out. The boys said it’s ok, but you will have to call in directly at the HP service-shop and make the request yourself, because no matter how much I tried, I cannot put in the order for you along the repair-request”.

Therefore.. in Sweden, you can joke with the operators almost anytime, as most of them are genuinely friendly… On the other hand, services can be as lousy as anywhere. But I will go for Swedish jokes and more repair-time, since altogethere it keeps you sane!

PS: So tomorrow, they will pick it up, and then… It’s a wait&see game.

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