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26 Aug 2007
Vista - Blocked Startup Programs

So.. you get that annoying pop-up in the taskbar every time you boot up your shinny Vista?

The glitch is to remove that programme from startup - use “msconfig” (search for it in the Start Menu Search).

Then seach for “task” in the Start Menu as well - and run “Task Scheduler”.

You will then need to create a new task. On the right you have “Create basic task”… you will definitely find your way.

  • Give it a name
  • Trigger: When I log on
  • Action: Start a program (& select the program)
  • Finish: Open Open the Properties dialog for this task when I click on Finish

Check “Run with highest privileges” and then under Settings tab, “Run this task as soon as possible after a schedule start was missed”.


And no, there is no other easier way.. yet!