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29 Aug 2007

I must say that I started to … like Pidgin!

I think the only thing that was driving me away were the Yahoo! Emoticons, but hey.. you can port them to Pidgin.

pidgin 2What is Pidgin? Pidgin is a free multi-protocol messenger. So with very very little resources, I’m logged on to MSN/Live, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk and oh well.. I have a freakin Gadu-Gadu account :p

Well, you have file transfer and all. You don’t have voice. But for all of you Russians out there, there’s support for Cyrillic Transliterated - yeah! that cool thing that you love when you don’t have a Russian keyboard :)

And.. oh well.. you cannot set your visibility on each account, but on all accounts - either visible, either invisible. Same with status messages. But I think there’s somebody working on that :pIt is actually possible with one plugin from the pack out here - .

But hey.. just download the all in one emoticon pack and enjoy! :) You have your Gtalk, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, AIM and Gadu-Gadu icons available, and Pidgin detects which to use in what environment.

The world just got smaller at no price (in comparison to Trillian).

PS: you have tabbed chatting as well

[LATER EDIT - 2007-10-09]
What I’m missing is a working “song tracker” plugin (there are 2, but one is not doing anything, the other is crashing) and there should be a plugin to associate the “buddies” (accounts) of the same person - other the same network, or different networks (similar like Yahoo! does)

[LATER EDIT - 2007-10-14]
New all-in-one emoticon pack