me, myself & andrei

05 Sep 2007
Grey's Anatomy

Maybe I’m getting very old.. cuz I don’t think that there are many 24years males watching it, but I got into it.. I didn’t even watch the first season, now season 2 almost ended on National Television…

But hey! It’s a good reason to start downloading :)

So - hip-hip-hurrey for another series, after Nip/Tuck and Rome :)

PS: why? The social and professional mingle very well - not like ER or.. what was the other one.. General Hospital.. or whatever

LATER EDIT: And so what if Callie Torres is not the 90-60-90?.. I digg her. Forget Izzie, the blond princess that everybody wants.. I digg Callie Torres (not Sara Ramirez necessarily) :p

LATER EDIT2: Favorite quote - I don’t know how to exists in a world where my father doesn’t…