me, myself & andrei

30 Sep 2007
for the sensible-me

I don’t get how people take advantage of one another. Period.

But what is even more out of this world for me.. how can you take advantage of someone who you already know that he/she won’t yell at you, or that will try to make the impossible possible and find the truth in what you’re saying, and seldomly even “overwrite” his/her own truth?

I don’t see the point in turning into an ass that needs to yell in order to make myself understood. I don’t even want to put pressure on people. But when this is becoming a danger to my own expression, well.. fuck it.

In the end, will I be a better person if I “over-care” for other people’s thoughts&feelings while they don’t care about mine?

“Be honest” is the motto, but what if I cannot be honest when my sayings will be taken as an offensive measure?