me, myself & andrei

11 Oct 2007
Doable and not Doable

My smartness speaking now: when there are things not going your way, how do you decide if you fight or not? How to you decide if it’s doable or not doable?

Something are nevertheless out of reach. I mean.. you already know that what you do can shake, but not change the situation. It’s like in that myth where you cannot change the far future, only the near future. That stupid movie where they try to change something, hoping that the domino pieces won’t continue their course, but instead what happens is that they only shifted the domino course, and that piece that they want to avoid will still fall down.

My cowardness speaking now: why not just make sure that those other things, the very doable things, are going your way?

I mean, if you can’t be sure of the unsure, make sure you make the possible real. Leave out the impossible. It may be that the impossible will fall into its place. You can hope for that, or you can just be surprised by that. It’s zen-like:do what you know it’s best, and don’t expect the best to happen to you.

My dreamyness speaking now: don’t stop being a mighty duck. Mighty Ducks need to win. And they win. You shouldn’t even watch the movie if you know the ending. But you watch it. Because it’s not that they win that counts. That’s more like for your good-night dreaming - to go to bed knowing that the evil was put to rest. Even if they lose, you would still have the same feeling, and you would go out there to show everyone that you can be a duck, that you are not someone to be trashed.. Well, at least these few of us that have some non-glossy brain and soul think so.

No conclusion whatsoever. You choose what’s best for you. That’s it: you choose! You do not know what’s best for you most of the times, for those big decisions.

But most probable it’s good to go with big smartness, or big cowardness, or big dreamyness.

I go with…
straightness =)

I didn’t play any tricks on you, people - straightness is in those 3 options: it’s big smartness AND big cowardness AND big dreamyness. It hurts the most when it doesn’t go right, but the winning might be.. not great, but 100% real.

Great is the new “fine”, and real is the new “great”. So make your small step - when someone asks you “How are you?”, don’t start or at least don’t stop at “I’m good/fine/great!”. Give a real answer, put yourself out there.

PS: although cowardness and dreamyness are not in the dictionary that doesn’t mean they are not real, or equal in some way to smartness

PS2: this post is not at all about that small “How are you?” thing