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18 Oct 2007
4-3-2, My/Our Roots!

I don’t really know if this post should be written in Romanian or English, but I’m going with English without any true reason behind it.

So 17th of October will be “remembered” as the day when I understood.

I understood where I/we have my/our roots. Where WE, Romanians of present post-communist Romania, have our roots : self-evidently in the pre-communist Romania (better yet, in the pre-communist Romanians). So far I have lived with the feeling/thought/hope that we weren’t so worthless pushy, so self-centered beings, so ignorantly self-punishing, so fun of life-makers (or life-coolers as I thought just know).. before the Revolution and that we became like such afterwards.

It was stupid to think like that.. To think that the Romanian life had a crash, a crack during the Revolution. It is today’s adults fault that they cannot communicate that any better. Wherever whenever a “kid” is considering the revolution as a normal thing to happen, the response is the usual “You don’t know how it was.. You’d better be grateful for what you’re living now. We had such a troubled life back then”.

And it was a troubled life - but that doesn’t exclude the present situation - present is as troubled as it was then, just that within other limits, other dimensions.. what a pity many of them are still shared between the past and the present.

The ‘89 Revolution didn’t change things in a second. It simply didn’t, but we (youth) are still taken as fouls because we “cannot understand”, as if we didn’t live the changing times, as if we don’t have a past “me” but only a present “me” while the adults have both. A lot of that incapacity to “understand” is due to lack of explanation - those who have lived during that period cannot understand fully either, and they certainly lack the ability to communicate any of that piece that they understood so far.

Getting back to my/our roots - isn’t that you can hear a lot today about our roots being in the Balkan culture, in the Byzantine culture, in the Latin culture, etc? We hear that we are so rich in culture, simply because we come from Latines (French, Italians, Spanish), Slavs (Russians) let alone Germans, Turks, etc. And for better or for worse you put that reason as the center of the richness, but also the center of the craziness/foolishness and lack of identity.

And thus you ignore what was during the communism - you have this image that life was having a more normal pace back then, and that the nation didn’t have the means to enjoy their diversity, but that they were at least respecting life.

Those were my thoughts, my reasons for what I see today in us Romanians - lack of capacity to live with our cultural diversity and to enjoy it, correlated with the impression that we “broke down” after the Revolution brought “freedom”.

BUT - before the revolution:

  • You had the same clerks - not listening to your needs, trying to act useful, treating you like dirt
  • You had the same queues - back then at “Alimentara”, now at supermarkets
  • You had the same talks at family/friendly gatherings - about nothing, about how it was, about how it should be, about how to, about how not to - TALK, TALK, TALK
  • You had the same parenting - “Let me tell you how it is, because you don’t know anything, son”/”On my days, teenagers had more shame..”
  • You had the same Police - staying over for a smoke and chit-chat with other no-goods
  • You had the same parties - ending up in stupid fights

*Context Finish
*The Romanian world didn’t change right after the Revolution. We got to be who we are today in a long term, and it won’t take 17 years but much much more than that to turn ourselves into a nation with respect for, with dignity in front of, with love of LIFE, FUN, GOOD, but most of all, of Human Beings. React now!

PS: Ana, Lumi, Andreea - ;) You know what!

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