me, myself & andrei

09 Nov 2007

Today is Toefl Day at the Prometric Testing Centre (Dorobanti) - 2PM.

Fans, do make a queue outside and don’t disturb public order =))))

PS (unrelated): some things never change

[LATER UPDATE] In the 10min break actually I had a small chit-chat with a girl. Quite nice… BUT MY DAMN ASS only started to acknowledge that last night, when I started to think “Hey..I could have asked to kissed her. I’d surely have enjoyed it”… but nou-nou-nou.. I was only thinking if I’m getting my ass kicked to or from Sweden after this exam. Maybe it’s dumm, but this exam wasn’t what I expected somehow, and after the first 10min I got pumped up.

So.. anyway… tu, fata cu carlionţi (hai că mă corectez, da’ suna mai frumos) păr ondulat, GRE şi o durere de cap… spune-mi drept, nu-i aşa că-mi citeşti kk-blogu? :) Bine, să mă trezesc cu un comment cu alte detalii despre ziua/conversaţia în cauză (drept password check) şi vorbim =)))))

[EVEN LATER UPDATE] Presumably I have signed a confidentiality shit not to present questions, partially or fully, from the Toefl Exam. Personally I think this is shit - many out there wouldn’t talk about it, after taking it? and 2.the test isn’t that much science, you know!?

I previously wrote that I didn’t expect it to be like this - it’s exactly the same as with the online demo. After seeing that demo I thought “Ok, this is a demo.. it’s supposed to be crap”, but guess what - I was wrong. The reading *part was 5 texts long… speaking about all the shit there can be: the Sumara civilization, the drawings in the caves, the canal system in England, etc. All that crap that you wouldn’t focus on, if you are an average person. Then there was the *listening *- again about some unusual stuff, but interesting at least - with some questions that had the multiple choice answers so sublime that once again the average person wouldn’t pin-point (I’m not that far from average - I’m not implying anything here). The *speaking… You had 30 seconds to answer a question. Why is that? If this is a test that focuses on speaking a language, shouldn’t the speaking part be as free as possible? I mean, Jesus.. this is not multiple choice for crying out loud. You don’t tick - you speak! And you speak, and not commenting a football match or a horse-dog competition. *Writing *was ok - it was simply the usual. I even promoted lowering the gas emission levels on cars :p Though the Cambridge testing was far more demanding, and although it was like that and I only got a C at CAE, I enjoyed it more.

All in all, this ETS Toefl felt more like testing my focus-level and the power to be chill when using English. Far from testing English knowledge, except hinting for some “colloquial” terms - NOT! So let’s recap: weird texts, demand of unusual vocabulary, demand of fast speaking pace, and not to mention.. demand of sitting still for 4 hours in a row in front of an ancient software application which didn’t allow you to copy-paste the usual way (it had those old 3D buttons along the textbox for that)! One more thing: the picture that was taken of me…well, I had my eyes closed, so.. I hope I’m not making jokes now only to find out that I’ll get a low score, but.. doesn’t that mean that I took the test blind-folded ?