me, myself & andrei

10 Nov 2007
Title of the Song?

Season 4 - Episode 7 - Grey’s Anatomy

Who knows the song that plays when the afro-american (politically correct) gets the news that his wife didn’t make it?

The lyrics go like this:

  • you’re still so young,
    but ya feel so old
  • and i think you’re gonna turn soon,
    gonna go with my moves,
    just might lose you for good…
    listen i can’t fight your demons,
    cuz i’d have to fight you..
    they’re so far inside you,
    and i just can’t seem to get through.
    ain’t any my business,
    any my praise,
    but i still had to try”

[LATER EDIT] Thanks to Kelly - there’s an answer: Joe Purdy - San Jose

You can listen to the song at high quality on his website.