me, myself & andrei

23 Nov 2007
How low can you go?

I don’t know who will actually believe me - but although I may seem geekish (I’m still far away from google-ing from PDA, and others :) ) - I’m still striving to be a normal guy. So… when I said that I won’t be blogging while in Finland, I meant it! But… when you are watching somebody to get up (like.. really watching… and actually trying to imagine where did she ended up with counting, since she seems to be so tired..) You get a need to do something other than that.

So, in short:

  • fixed phones
  • washed dishes
  • went to the 10min-away shop to buy just a bottle of coke
  • read every stupid news on Realitatea
    • I have been reading so much about the referendum (even though I had in mind to even forget that I can vote this Sunday) that I think I simply won’t go
  • installed Ubuntu 7.10 with the help of Wubi on my HP DV6054ea, because there was no CD around
    • I have problems launching my Wireless card, but that’s also because I cannot properly connect to Internet through a wired connection, so downloading packages, etc is an issue
    • It has a weird reaction to sound: on startup the sound is looped
    • Why? - Because I wanted to have a system which consumes as little battery as possible when I’m on a trip
  • went through a list of 10 career-killers to avoid - italics = failed, bold = ok
    • failing to have a life plan - although I have a perspective on this, I think it’s stupid to have a plan. When you have a job interview, and they ask you the world-wide known “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” - that has become simply a question to check if you can imagine and speak. The world is so fast nowadays that even asking “a year from now” is slightly begging for a surreal answer
    • not keeping your skills current - hmm, I’m quite ok with that, thought I have a general idea that you can lose yourself/your path if you become genuinely interested in a million things
    • failing to deliver results - I have a problem with this. Sometimes I put this secondly after “It has to be best/how I want it” and thus.. I fail to deliver results on time.
    • confusing efficiency with effectiveness - not happening
    • believing that you are irreplaceable - I do think that I’m unique, but if you take me part by part, I’m awfully replaceable.
    • knowing all the answers - I’m still curious at 23. I have to say sometime I invent the answer (based on current knowledge), but apparently I’m not the only one, so it’s ok
    • surrounding yourself with brown-nosers - not happening. I can even say that I’ve rejected those that became like that, and .. with a bit of sorrow.. most of the people around me are quite good critics, which sometimes doesn’t help when you want to hear “you can do it, you’re the best I know” :D
    • forgetting to give credit to others - I have to pay more attention to make that clear. Sometimes I’m very much aware that someone else is better, or did a great job, and I’m in debt, or simply “bowing” in front, but I don’t make it clear - I don’t say it. It happens more often that I will show my gratitude or acknowledge past-credits by paying back somehow. Maybe it’s something similar to the fact that I don’t really get the point in hand-shaking. While it’s ok to do it.. I feel it’s a bit of a habit and nothing more. Imagine you would have kissing girls as a habit… I don’t think you would do it indefinitely - first of all, you might find ugly girls, second of all, it will turn into nothing-special.
    • self-promote - hmm, it might be true. I’m confident in myself, with small/rare exceptions… but most probably I do not promote myself - otherwise someone would be dead-wrong when saying “if I were you, I would have bought a cool two-wheel engine a long time ago”
    • losing perspective - semi-happening. It depends quite often on the personal life. I can get distracted or dissapointed by the personal life, and that influences a lot the reaction in front of roadblocks
    • TOTAL: ok = 6 + 0.5×2 = 7, bad = 2 + 0.5×2 = 3
  • and I’ve also gone through nine nontechie skills that hiring managers wish you had
    • writing ability - checked (both formal and informal)
    • an understanding of business-process mapping and tools - checked
    • an aptitude for public speaking - checked (I’ve spoken lots of time in front of more than 100 people)
    • an understanding of accounting - checked
    • the ability to work with a team - .. if it’s a good feedback relationship inside the team, I’m in :)
    • TOTAL: where are you, hiring manager? your apprentice is waiting for a sign!:D
  • going to watch Grey’s Anatomy - Latest episode =  I think this is like the motto of this post. If I ended up watching this, then.. I am definitely very close to “blow my brains” due to getting extremely bored chill