me, myself & andrei

18 Dec 2007
Earth TV

  • This was long-time due</p>

I’ve been an addict regarding these 2 minutes snapshot-slideshows running on a variety of channels, just to fill in unexpected time spots between commercials and on-time shows..

At one time I’ve actually just said - stop. You’re not watching any more TV, since you’re mostly just waiting for a new slideshow. But even so, I have them at the back of my mind… thinking

We’re so fucking many people on this Earth, and we don’t even remotely here about 0,1%… So many places.. Beautiful places.. to see.. So many regular places that we could beautify still. And while this is happening - we take in so much bullshit, and people are giving their lives for nothing. If only each one of us would realize that these places are not dreams - but reality.

And I am so small.. so futile… but restless to see all these places.

PS: Negative side