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24 Dec 2007
\"Pro-bono\" lawyers

This article, nor the writer can provide any direction or help to assist you in finding any type of lawyer.

On the eve of Xmas, I’m starting to write into a new category *Good-will Ideas. This is nothing more than ideas produced by my tortured neurons when I can imagine that things could really change… if only.. And since this* if only* wants to be a real one, and not just day-dreaming, I mix it with business prospects.

** As a friend of mine used to do, and still does, this is from my long-term notepad with things to remember, to write about, to sleep over.

“Pro-bono” lawyers wouldn’t be something new. They are all over, except some places like Romania.

And the quotes… ohh.. the quotes. They are the trick to implement something like that.

So here goes nothing.. step by step

  1. Take 2 lawyers, and a bunch of fresh-graduates from a Law faculty. Say 10.
  2. Put them all in a house, in order to build some sort of common geekyness - eventually it will lead to an increased flow of won cases.
  3. Give them support for any type of documentation for their cases, and provide them with tech-gadgets (laptops, PDAs, etc).
  4. Give them decent salaries.
  5. Make them sign a contract that they won’t go to another lawyer company for the next 5 years. If they perform badly, and on their own will, they will lose the wage for the previous 5 months, and all access to the company’s tools. They would still get a reference letter according to their qualities and skills.
  6. Advertise wherever possible that you are willing to represent all sorts of people in court, as long as their case fights an injustice. Most people will be asking for different types of prejudices, but would not be able to hire a good lawyer.
  7. Establish a rule in the contract you have with the clients that you will have access to 75% of the won prejudices.

PS: if I/you have amendments, I won’t hesitate to add them