me, myself & andrei

29 Dec 2007
Zip it, 2007!

  • Getting drunk after holding a bottle of spirits to myself - Waking up the next morning - Snow all over - Digging snow - Having the car pulled by a horse through the snow
  • Back at the dorms - Mending around the Erasmus fuckin’ office - Having a fight with a teacher for me being too straight-forward - Sitting some exams
  • Talking with the new Finns - Talking with the future-to-be Erasmus coordinator
  • Clearing the room - Visiting Arad - Getting 180€ less for the scholarship - Leaving for Budapest - Flying to Warsaw
  • Sleeping til Warsaw - No English speakers to help at the airport - Waiting for the bus
  • Arrived in Lodz - Met Angelika - Met the “new” dorms on a rainy&muddy day in a ruin-looking city - We decided to share a room just to keep the “joy” spirits from getting us killed - Bought food from a “communist” supermarket
  • Met Sfinx, THE restaurant - Met the other Erasmus - And I stress: SINI - Met Agata, Monika, Piotr, Mihal & Izabela - Met the city
  • Saw Gosia, Cracow, Warsaw, Poznan - Drove a dead car - Biked - Tested Polish beers
  • Flew to Amman, Jordan via Istanbul
  • Came back to sit some exams and say FUCK so many times that I didn’t know if it’s general or person-specific
  • Vama, 1st time =)
  • Regular, regular… stressed out - Came to live with 3 girls, 3 days a week (this is the moment where “for everything else there’s MasterCard” =)))) ) - Some more (enough!) trips with the train - Another soul passed away
  • Visited Kemi - Met Dmitry the geek =)), the sex-bomb - Only one absynth =( - Thank goodness I didn’t have to smell flowerishly - Saw Ruxi sleeping =)
  • Flew to Amman again - Had menly jokes with Jesper - Had the most terrible speeches ever - Smoked cigars
  • Had flashbacks of the Britts at Heathrow - 3 years and a half left until putting foot on real British soil
  • 108 out of 120 for Toefl - Swedish applications to masters programmes - Fuck everything else! =p
  • New Year’s Party?! What party?!