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07 Jan 2008
Varşovia / Warszawa / Warsaw

The Romanian Institute of Culture began a beautiful campaign in Warszawa (Warsaw), showing Polish corner-stones and their words about Romania and its people. This “Lost words of admiration” campaign is said to be a pilot-project which can be later put into action in Kraków, Poznań, Gdansk.

Between December 28 and January 18, the main bus lines in Warszawa will have the following quotes on posters outside the busses.

Pope John Paul II: Romania is the garden of the Holy Mother Mary

Marshal Józef Piłsudski: The Polish-Romanian alliance must last

Poet Julian Tuwim: If it comes down to alliances, lets have them with the Romanians

Poet Kazimiera Illakowiczówna: The Romanian nation has been for us like a brother

Via Cătă - Romanian newspaper article in Cotidianul