me, myself & andrei

16 Apr 2008
Crystone's last

I’ve been having problems with my first web-hosting solution.

That solution was CrystOne. I had a previous account with them, and while there were some hiccups, problems were solved or managed (went about). It’s a Swedish company, and look up to Swedes in general.

But this time, they really blew it.

Account was created 4 days after payment (while they stated within 2 to 48 hours) and that after daily nagging of the online support. When the account was created, I saw myself with a PHP4 account, while my wish was for a PHP5. Went for a support ticket on April 2. One week later, there was no reply, and I decided to move. I moved straight away to DreamHost, which offers too much for me, but with a quality that is highly appreciated.

Today I also faxed in my cancellation of service request. Money back guarantee for 30 days.

One issue remains, the NS references for now, along with a domain registrar change after another 45 days (registry cannot be changed within the first 60 days of the domain purchase).

Here goes my last (I hope) chat with the Online Support, which I actually feel sorry about since it feels as they are simply caught in the middle between unsatisfied customers and low-quality delivered services.

S.B.: Hejsan! Du talar med tekniska supporten, vad kan jag hjlpa till med?
Andrei Neculau: Hej Stefan! I have a request to change the NameServers to the domain I registered with you
Andrei Neculau: I have already changed NS through (I’m registered as a Scandic customer), but I’m having troubles with the subdomains
Andrei Neculau: since there seems to be a DNS hiccup
Andrei Neculau: My customer ID is yyyyy
S.B.: Okay, then you need to send us an e-mail at from your contact address and we will fix it for you
S.B.: in the email you need to specify what sub domains and what to change
Andrei Neculau: Problem is that I already have a request - emailed 2 WEEKS ago, and there was no answer to that
Andrei Neculau: That is why I have gone forward with a faxed cancellation of services today, and I would like my NS changed too.
S.B.: did you get an auto-reply on that email?
Andrei Neculau: Yes, I did
S.B.: if so, do you have an Ticket-ID?
Andrei Neculau: Ticket ID: OAT-xxxxxx - requesting a change from a PHP4 server to PHP5 server
Andrei Neculau: Date: April 2
Andrei Neculau: That request remained unanswered at all
S.B.: hold on
S.B.: Found it, I will notify the right person and tell them to answer you mail
Andrei Neculau: Thanks, but that Email is already irrelevant. Today I have asked for a service cancellation, therefore the change to a PHP5 server is not needed any longer.
Andrei Neculau: All I would like now is to change the NS to the right hosts
Andrei Neculau: since my domain cannot be transfered within the first 60 days of purchase
S.B.: ah ok, then please reply on that email and I will tell that person to help you out, everything when it comes to change settings needs to be emailed
Andrei Neculau: So, basically what you are telling me is to reply to the automated email
Andrei Neculau: and state the cancelation of service, and the request to change NS
S.B.: yes then it will send out a notification to the right person
Andrei Neculau: Ok. One more question - any idea how the money is transfered back upon cancellation?
Andrei Neculau: Should I expect a transfer back to my credit card account?
S.B.: That I’m not sure about, please ask that in the mail
Andrei Neculau: Ok. Hej! Så länge