me, myself & andrei

30 Apr 2008
Crystone's 3rd-last

Two weeks after I filed for service cancellation and a refund, I get “Please have patience!”

B.K.: Hejsan! Du talar med tekniska supporten, vad kan jag hjälpa till med?
B.K.: Vilket kundnummer / domännamn gäller detta?
Andrei Neculau: Hej Björn! Customer number: xxxxx (ScandicHosting), domain:
Andrei Neculau: I have a ticket (id: OAT-yyyyyy) dated a month ago (April 2)
Andrei Neculau: The ticket is about a cancellation of service
Andrei Neculau: This is my 4th time I’m contacting you about it.
Andrei Neculau: Last time, on Friday, I was once again told: “somebody will contact you today!” yet nothing happened
Andrei Neculau: The cancellation form was both faxed and sent by email, but there was no acknowledgement of it so far, nor a money refund
B.K.: Please hold
B.K.: you will recieve a reply shortly - we will cancel the account, and you have no invoices that needs payment.
B.K.: Please ha patience and you will recieve a reply to this ticket today.


And a couple of minutes later, I get this very innocent message, with no remark regarding the refund (not to mention the misspelling of my name, which so demeaning since I’m their customer):

Dear Anderi,

The cancellation fax has been received, so I have now marked your services as cancelled. I also double checked that the dns servers have been updated correctly, and they have.

Best regards,
Crystone Support