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25 May 2008
HP's "invent" - killed

I was quite a happy owner of a HP Pavilion dv6054ea. I almost still am.

But HP’s support seems to fail even the tiniest hope that I have left.

This laptop was bought on 2006-08-19 at 9.33 GMT :) Since then it was repaired in August 2007 (replaced items: motherboard) and February 2008 (replaced items: motherboard, wireless, hdd). Thank goodness I extended my warranty.

Just yesterday, the LAN card seems to have stopped functioning properly.

I can use a crossover cable to connect it to another PC, but the straight-through that I’m using to get my Internet feed doesn’t excite the lights any longer. I replaced the jack, since it was old anyway.. but no luck. Plus the Internet connection works on another PC.

So.. it may be a foolish assumption, but I guess an important pin stopped working, thus leaving the crossover working, but rendering the straight-through dead.

The beauty of all this, is that my laptop cannot be repaired in Romania, since HP Romania doesn’t offer support for the Pavilion series. Go figure! Maybe it’s not even HP’s invention! Maybe they bought the invention from Dell, or Apple! How the hell can you say you offer Global Warranty, if a whole line of products cannot be repaired under the warranty. Yes, they do have this mentioned in the warranty, but.. stop calling it global. Call it EU+US+.. Warranty. I don’t know. Figure out a proper name!

Anyway.. so it was repaired once in Sweden, once in Poland. Both of the times due to lucky moments of being hosted there ,)

Now.. I guess I’ll be lucky once again.. since in August I’ll be moving to Sweden. But even so..

And then, this is what they call Chat Support:

… providing identification information …
Andres: Thank you for providing the information.
Andres: Please proceed with your enquiry.
ME: Yesterday, my LAN card seems to have broken down or something. Upon connecting the cable, no lights come up. The cable is ok (the connection works on another laptop)
ME: The weird thing is that the LAN card works when trying to connect with a cross-over cable, with another PC.
ME: But this connection to my router is not working any longer (worked for several months before)
Andres: Andrei , just to confirm, your Notebook is having issue with the Wired network. Am I right?
ME: Anything that I can do? Test the LAN card somehow?
ME: Yes - WIRED network
Andres: Thank you for confirming the same.
Andres: Which Operating System is installed on your system? Is it XP or Vista?
ME: Vista SP1
Andres: Thank you for providing the information.
Andres: Just to confirm, did you upgraded the Notebook Operating System to Vista SP1 ?
ME: yes
Andres: Thank you for confirming the same.
Andres: Since how long you are facing this issue?
ME: yesterday
Andres: Did this problem start after the installation of any specific software or applications? Or
Andres: when any changes were made to the system?
ME: NO, nothing new
Andres: Okay.
Andres: Are you able to see any yellow marks in device manager?
ME: No. The device has no issues in the device manager
Andres: Okay.
Andres: Once perform the below steps and let me know the result:
Andres: Please press Windows button+R
Andres: Then you will get Run and then type CMD in Run and then press enter
Andres: Then you will enter into command prompt.
Andres: Please type ipconfig in command prompt and let me know the ipaddress and also the gateway address.
ME: I guess I’m talking in Chinese here, but here you go: MEDIA DISCONNECTED!
Andres: Andrei , We are dedicated to US chat support.
Andres: Just to confirm, did you connected the wired network now?
ME: the cable is CONNECTED, but it is not detected – like I said 10 minutes ago, the lights of the network card don’t light up
Andres: Okay.
Andres: Once open the network connections and right click on the network connections and click on enable.
Andres: Okay.
Andres: In this case, please download and install the below driver:
Andres: Note:Copy the complete URL and paste it in the address bar of the browser and press enter.
Andres: After downloading and installing the above driver, please download and install the below driver:
ME: I downloaded it and installed it - still no change
Andres: Please download and install the below driver also:
Andres: Note : Copy the URL starting from “ftp” till “exe” and paste in the address box of the browser, then press Enter Key.
Andres: First save the file on the desktop. You need to install this file and then restart the notebook
Andres: Reset the Ip address using the below steps:
Andres: Reset the TCP/IP settings.

  1. Click “Start” and select Run. (or press windows+R key on notebook keyboard)
  2. Type the following command. netsh int ip reset c:resetlog.txt and click “OK”.
  3. Then restart the Notebook.
    ME: Ok. Bye (translation: “Go f yourself!”)
    Andres: For your convenience I am sending the chat transcript to your email.