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30 May 2008

  • update 2008-05-31: added more videos (clips)

The transition **from **Communism **to **Capitalism **is always going to give birth to some **monsters.

And there will always be a majority that gains nothing in the short-term out of this transition. Needless to say, some will loose. Well-being is something that is mostly transferable and only rarely created.

The majority will always look for quick end to their injustice. Kill the monsters! At that moment, they don’t care about religion, about laws, about morality, and above all.. about their own pure existence!

To cut this short, in a transition you will always have the extremists. Those who promise you a clean bold line between good and evil! And that there will be no exceptions!

And in Romania, we have [wiki:en:Greater_Romania_Party Greater Romania Party] which is actually a one-man show (no, not party) in the name of [wiki:en:Corneliu_Vadim_Tudor Corneliu Vadim Tudor] (or simply Vadim). Of course, we are not cheap and we have [wiki:en:Partidul_Noua_Generatie others].

And this is how Vadim “works” when the Romanian Presidency reads an act condemning communism and its practices:

Yesterday somebody took a stand. In a talk-show focusing on the main contenders to the position of Mayor of Bucharest’s Municipality, after Vadim started babbling like always about how great he is, about how unjust the talk-show was, and all of that in 10 minutes of his 1 allowed minute.. Dragoș Bucurenci, a young person who actually made a difference in terms of Romanian NGOs, *bursted *with a harsh, yet not demeaning phrase:

Please keep to your time. You, sir, when you are on TV, I change (n.r. the channel). Here you have only one minute! Please keep to that minute!

Vă rog să vă respectați timpul. Dumneavoastră când sunteți la televizor, eu schimb. Aici aveți doar un minut! Vă rog respectați minutul acela!

And the reply came, giving so much honor and pride to those “biggest teachers” that taught sociology to Vadim:

Get out of here, sir! You look like a monkey! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself to talk to me like that, huh?.. Aren’t you ashamed?.. **(Bucurenci gets up from his chair) Leave from the show if you don’t want the Romanian people to find out..**

Du-te, domle’! C-arăți ca o maimuță! Nu ți-e rușine să-mi vorbești mie așa, măi?.. Da’ nu ți-e rușine să-mi vorbești mie așa?.. (Bucurenci se scoală de pe scaun) Pleacă din emisiune dacă nu vrei să afle poporul român..

Nothing to find out though as most (I hope) of us knew what Vadim is capable of, but I guess he still wanted to show us once again.

And he did! Later on, the same “sir” has another breakdown and starts a demeaning babbling against the moderator of the talk-show, Liviu Mihaiu, which backfires this time:

You, sir, represent the paradigm of the slaves of Securitate, mister Vadim! I kindly ask of you not to insult me! You are the dictator’s clown! So don’t try to judge morality here in this studio!

Dumneata reprezinți paradigma slugilor securității, domnu’ Vadim! Deci vă rog foarte mult să nu mă jigniți! Sunteți cântărețul dictatorului! Nu încercați să faceți judecăți morale aici în studio.

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The recording of the entire talk-show, entitled “România votează! Alegeri locale 2008” (eng. Romania votes! Local elections 2008), can be watched online.

My comments on Bucurenci’s blog: here and here. Some of the comments there are as empty as the “sir’s” babbling, not being able to see the difference between what is superficial and what standing-up implies. Pity! Yet the analysis is optimist and positively ironic :) (my comment).

To sum up:

  • the people invited should have known who else is invited (Romanian National Television - TVR - takes the blame)
  • the audience laughing about “monkey” is disgraceful but understandable from a payed and old audience (TVR and the casting company take the blame)
  • the moderator and every other candidates should have left the show and sue Vadim
  • the moderator had to yell 3 times to cut off Vadim’s microphone, and then begged for someone to get him out, but nobody followed the indications (TVR takes the blame)
  • thumbs up, Bucurenci, for leaving the non-sense