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06 Jun 2008
The future Bucharest

Wow. Wait ‘til you hear this! (English transcript follows)

Sorin Oprescu: I’m not talking about a flying highway, sir.. I’m talking a suspended highway!

Vasile Blaga: [..] You want to take it over the [wiki:en:Victoria_Palace], over [wiki:en:Teatrul_National_Bucuresti National Theatre Bucharest].. Where do you want to take it?

SO: No, sir.. Over Mihăileanu Street (n.r. on that street, the president had a house which was taken under suspicious conditions; that’s the only and best answer he could give - no joke!)


VB: And you will take it over houses, like that.. or what do you do with those houses?

SO: No, sir, you don’t understand that there are parts..

VB: No, I understand. Your whole programme is a joke!

  • image: the future highway through the center of Bucharest -

SO: Once again, mister Blaga, I tell you that there aren’t many expropriations

VB: .. 25 km.. from North to South (n.r. of Bucharest)

SO: Yes, mister Blaga..

VB: .. There are only tiny expropriations, piece by piece..

SO: Yes, mister Blaga. But nobody said that I will take it on the diameter (n.r. of the exterior circle). I will take it on the radius.

Moderator: You lost me there! What do you mean by diameter or radius?

SO: Radius means that it goes like this.. It cuts the circle

VB: The radius is half of the diameter, mister Oprescu..

SO: Yes, I will take it on.. Sir, com’ on.. I won’t take it on the contour.. I didn’t go mad, mister Blaga..

  • image: the future highway through the center of Bucharest -

SO: What? Am I going over monuments?

VB: Well, you don’t have where to go. Whatever radius, wherever you want to go.. you will need to take down streets and buildings.

SO: No, this is what you think.

VB: Then, do you see this highway going over houses?! Do you have the right to do that?!

SO: No. I will take it in front of those houses. Soundproofed, full of greenery and with only 2 exists.. And you will go over this 25 km in 18 minutes. Highways like this exists in the capitals of high democracy..