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09 Jun 2008
Crystone - How low can you go?

Here I come today with an update. My previous webhost replied finally to my cancellation of service dated April 16!!!

Today - June 9:

Hello Andrei.

I am so sorry for this late replay.
We are now refunding your money, 48 Euro,but in order to do so I need to now where to send your money.

Med vänliga hälsningar / Best regards
xx xx Ekonomi avd
Crystone AB / DigiKom Network AB

I reply with my IBAN account and ask “Do you need more information?” One hour later:

Hello again Andrei.

I also need the adress for your bank, SWIFT and BIC number.

Why the hell couldn’t they ask that in the first place?! After trying to find out all of these, which you normally don’t know.. cuz that’s the beauty of [wiki:en:International_Bank_Account_Number IBAN], or so they say, the reply:

Thank you.

We will now transfer your money.
Have a pleasent afternoon.

Now I wait..