me, myself & andrei

16 Jun 2008

I wanted to start a category regarding WordPress plugins’ reviews, code changes/improvements along with my tiny plugins.

Unfortunately I’m starting with the left foot, since this post will also be part of the Junk category.

One useful plugin with 9 lines of coding allows you to make a page or a post to redirect the visitor to another location.

I installed it for future use - I will soon change the Photos page to be a media gallery and I didn’t want the gallery to be embedded in the blog.

After installation: Buff! Warnings about a file being required but not found. And I start to think: what a simple plugin and still with bugs!

I fix it by removing the unnecessary request for the required file. I thought it won’t take that long until the fix will hit the plugin release without a notification from my side. Today I saw the plugin had an available update, and I say: there it is! I upgrade automatically through the WordPress interface, and…

Surprise-surprise: BUFF!

And this time I say: wtf? I go to the developer’s website and see that there was a comment regarding this, and the developer saying: “I believe I fixed the problem”.

I reply with a comment like “No, you did NOT fix it! You should do this and that, etc, etc” in a calm manner actually.

I even returned with another reply regarding the plugin’s way to filter post/page requests. Again, very impersonal and straight-forward. All in all, I was very constructive in my opinion since I had clear solutions.

In the meantime.. I get this email:

Hey, thanks for the advice on the plugin, but maybe next time you could cut out the whole yelling part? I get enough flak from spammers and crackhead blog commenters, I really don’t need you to yell at me about my coding.


Also, my comments were moderated.

And this is from a “developer” who ended up with version 0.8 in just 7 days, of a plugin downloaded by only 45 people and with no respect towards escaping function spam (implemented function named redirect globally).

So I guess this is what we end up having now: CAPITALS and an exclamation mark is like putting a knife at someone’s throat! Stop the jumpiness! React harshly to stupidity and destructive criticism, not to false yelling because of punctuation and presumed tone! Stop being silly [wiki:en:Barbie_Girl Barbie girls] who react to pinching as if you slapped them!

PS: This plugin/developer is out of my list (league)! Heck, I can code better than this and without this infatuation!

PS2: Lots of yelling I guess in the last paragraph! And imagine all this yelling with me keeping my laptop on my chest… “Uhh.. I’m so mad” :cool: