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19 Jun 2008
When the riot gets illogic

This is what I got just a couple of minutes ago with the comment “How pathetic!”.

I am known, and I am, a bit of an anti-system and critical person. “A bit” can be an understatement, I admit.

But this is something else. We are not talking about a system here. We are not talking about Romanian culture. We are not talking about a phenomenon here. We are not talking about a defining attribute.

The whole world does NOT look at “America Got Talent” and say “Aha! So this is what Romanians are!”

People - be smart! At least once in a while! Or at least shut up! See the perspective and not just the dirt under the nails! A hard working and smart farmer with dirty nails is not the same thing like a stinking city-man that you bump into while sharing public transport!

These girls, no matter how smart or stupid they are, no matter how “real deal” or fake they are, these girls are fighting for what they want and how they want. If they dream to “make it big”, who are we to say they are wrong? They are not representing Romania, and most importantly they are not representative of Romania. If they were, I tell you: you would be ecstatic if we had lots and lots of Romanian participants and winners in all kinds of TV shows, and conferences, cultural and sport events all over the world. But we don’t!

Instead, we are filling Microsoft’s available programmer places. I’m referring to that since that’s maybe one of the few things that stick to the American minds and Romanian as well.

Nothing more idealistic or with pride.. would do it. I’m wrong, you say? Well then, do you know that a Romanian invented [wiki:en:Petrache_Poenaru the fountain pen]? And if you do, then did you ever hear anyone telling another about it and taking a bit of pride in that?

What? You say that at least the world knows [wiki:en:Bucharest] as Little Paris or Paris of the East? I tell you that most Westerners who have heard of a city related to Paris think of [wiki:en:Beirut]! The city named Paris of the Middle East!

Because this is what our Romanian system, no matter the regime, provides - anonymity!

While people look up to Sweden as a fair-player in political situations, or look up to the Japanese inventive skills, etc, etc.. who are we? Nothing more than Dracula vampires (n.r. Hasselhoff makes that reference to the Indiggo girls), ‘cause the Americans surely don’t know that we were among the few to join American forces in their stupid wars..

But that’s America, and they need to change themselves for the better. In the meantime, what do we do? Instead of growing up, we the small kids on the block, who play with our fingers in poo, laugh at the adults who trip.

And laughing like morons doesn’t cut it. We Romanians bury not only our history and culture and pride, but we bury even contemporary events and people! And no matter how bad they look, they exist! I’m sure that we would go ballistic if these girls win, but no, no.. we must not let them win! Most of the Romanians who have the freedom of speech are not winners, and must not let any other Romanian win! That would mean that they are just wankers!

So, to all the bad asses who don’t have anything to do other than share their 2 penny opinions about how pathetic the girls were, I tell them that they weren’t 2 inches close to [wiki:en:David_Hasselhoff the Knight Rider], nor to [wiki:en:Sharon_Osbourne Sharon Osbourne] or [wiki:en:Piers_Morgan Piers Morgan] and they surely weren’t [wiki:en:America’s_Got_Talent_(season_3)#Week_1 on air to millions of viewers].

Stop caring about Romania’s image and sound! Build its script and lyrics!
Furnish the place and make it good to live in! Don’t just paint the walls! Fuck the walls!