me, myself & andrei

20 Jun 2008

Allianz-Țiriac provides insurance policies for all sorts of stuff for Romanians, but I was interested in a health insurance for my future studies in Sweden.

I will be staying there for 2 years, and it would be nice to cut potential health costs, since they could prove to be quite high in Sweden.

I could basically get two types of insurances: one is a basic travel insurance, while the other is an insurance for people working/studying abroad.

Differences between the two, as provided by Allianz-Țiriac:

For traveling For working/studying
Price/year 100€ 480$
Insured limit (EU) 50000€ 100000$
Hospital care up to 15 days indefinite
Hospital type public only public/private
Psychiatric care none up to 500$
Accompanying partner none up to 1500$
Death/invalidity none up to 10000$

I managed to get a copy of their manual (Romanian), so you can read the full descriptions for both: