me, myself & andrei

24 Jun 2008

Repagination is a little Firefox addon that enables you to load paginated entries on the same web page.

For instance, Google Search results. Or a forum’s topic. Or even better: FlickR streams!

You just right-click on a “Next” link, or on a numbered link, you will see Re-Pagination and choose an action from the submenu. As easy as that, and the page will automatically append the next pages.

The extension is not ready for Firefox 3, unless you hack it a bit. The extension wasn’t updated since 2006, and it looks quite dead.

Until the extension updates, here’s my hack.
You can also try antipagination (you will need a Mozilla Developer account because it is marked as experimental).

I’ll see if I can bring some improvements on the line, if time allows, but.. that’s not a top priority for me.