me, myself & andrei

24 Jul 2008
Cliché - The light at the end of the tunnel

This was my forth and my last year of Bachelor studies at the Romanian-American University in Bucharest. I think I’ll start sometime to recap the good and the bad parts, but for now let’s just let it slide ,)

It’s been quite a busy spring and summer..

Thank goodness I took a one month holiday in spring to Poland and Sweden. Otherwise it would have been a no holiday year with bachelor studies finishing mid-July and leaving Romanian mid-August.

But it’s all over now, both the Bachelor studies and the entrance to Master studies.

The result.. a nice GPA of 3.59 [out of 4] (3.62 if you take into consideration my Erasmus courses as well), a 9.6 [out of 10] final examination and a 10 degree thesis project.

Now this may seem a bit like showing off.. and that’s because it actually is ;) Thing is there was quite a lot of energy spent to get here. It may not be rocket-science, but work is work. And I did have extra-curricular things going on as well.

It all looks good I’d say. I have one thing that I’m not pleased about - and that is I didn’t get a job so far. I tried working within two small companies 3-4 years ago but the quality and the moral standards were so low that I felt it was not worth going there, just for 150€ a month. And then, because I’ve built a stereotype around the Romanian employers (and it might very well be not just a stereotype, but the raw reality), and maybe because of personal stuff going on, I got so busy trying to do all sorts of stuff.. that I ended up giving up offers to work within different frameworks. Just to count a few: do ExtJS work twice (one with a Romanian crew, one with a Swiss crew), do DBA work, do PHP OO work..

But I guess you can’t do, nor have them all.

Can I show off a little bit more? :) My final Bachelor grade revealed that I’m the 12th on the highest-scores list. Great!.. I have no idea about the 4 year average grade (GPA).. but.. still somewhere at the top. I actually don’t care.. It feels good to be at the top, but that’s not everything. You can very easily be on some top list and having better people than you below your name on that list..

So that’s it. Looking forward to my adventure at KTH though, starting this September. The Royal Insitute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden could prove to be loads of fun and very exciting. I sure hope so :)