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24 Jul 2008
YouTube and Romanian TV

One year (and 11 days ago, to be exact) I filed a petition to the National Audiovisual Council of Romania, concerning TV channels doing one-question yes-or-no surveys during talk-shows and presented just the percentages in the end, but not the very low number of voters. And I got reply. Now I’m not saying I changed the world, but probably there were other complaints regarding the issue, and in time.. they started to follow the moral line. Or maybe I just didn’t watch so much TV ,)

Well, this summer was quite busy, so I can’t say that I watched that much TV other than for the pure “pleasure” of having something around that makes a bit of noise.

But I noticed something weird once again. Many channels are using YouTube content under the rule “if it’s published out there, then we can use it” (pe românește: “-De unde ai? -De pe net..”). So they think that if they put “taken from” they can deliver images from movies, video clips, talk shows, etc.

First of all, I actually think they cannot. Unless they have the written approval of the movie producers, or the broadcasting channel that produced the talk-show, etc. That remains to be seen.

Second of all, YouTube requires a written contract in order for its content to be redistributed on any medium, unless the content is wrapped in YouTube’s player. At least this is what I gather by reading their terms.

So, I filed another complaint today ;) . We’ll see what happens..