me, myself & andrei

02 Aug 2008
You are who your friends are

It’s high time I write down how I see the concept of friends. I’ve had some flashbacks and it’s amazing how you can relive some moments and they get to you even more than the moment itself!

The bottom line is that there are friends.. and.. friends! You know?

I’ve been fighting with or disappointed by some now and then.. and maybe I’m just stupid and/or egocentric, but you cannot call friends those people who break the terms of your common sense, no matter if you are involved or not.

You cannot be friends with X after X said the biggest stupidity every, again and again, while you call yourself smart.
You also cannot be friends with X after X trashed another friend of yours big time, while you call yourself well educated and caring for both. That’s so hypocrite of you!

There are exceptions to that, I admit! There may also be some all-loving people born every few decades, who pick a fight only when pigs fly, but that’s it! Those are mostly the ones who put 100% in getting everybody together, happy and worry-free. Those who lay low are definitely not in this category.

Simply put, I don’t see the middle way here, though I did try at some point for the sake of the everybody-has-a-good-heart ideal. I have close friends, very few but trustful 99% of the time :P , and then there are good people I know that fit in a broad category of friends, pals, buddies, etc. Those very few friends are highly selected :) and are not able to disappoint me big time :) and I’m willing to “associate” (for the lack of a better term) myself with them. The other ones, no link between me and them. They can do the biggest shit around, since 0 A.C., and I wouldn’t be directly affected by that and I wouldn’t have to apologize for them or have a hard talk with them.

That being said, keep it simple, people! Keep it simple!

You have a selfish friend.. it’s inevitable you’re also selfish too!
You have a rocker/hippie/punker/etc friend.. you’re definitely in that gang too!
You have a naked sunbathing friend.. you’re dieing to do the same too!
You have a friend playing WoW day in and day out.. you have a guild as well!
You have friends who “eat” books and don’t get any “fatter”.. you’re probably “flesh and bones” too!
And the list goes on… with all the neutral, positive and negative things possible!

Just define yourself, admit who you are, with your goods and bads, and stop lieing about it!

And next time when your friend/sibbling/parent/etc. gets drunk and start to “piss” around swearing your other buddies, or calls you a bitch, or calls someone gay/negro/etc. have the dignity to take sides!

Decide to bitch with, or ditch them!

PS: Or from a business/success point of view..