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05 Aug 2008
New Nokia?

Years ago, I was an Ericsson fan. Cheaper than Nokia, and a lot more user-friendly. Then it came the era of 256 colors screens, and then Sony came as well.. and blue it all together.

So for 5 years, I’ve been having a Nokia 3510i. I really didn’t need anything more, and the battery (original one) is still amazing. I’m charging the phone only once a week or so, after changing the call specs to lower quality. Brilliant! For my few calls and SMS, and for my need of an alarm clock and calendar/agenda.. 100% ok! Ohh, :P I forgot the Queen ringtone

But a new network operator “demands” a new phone, right? :)

I see 4 functions as an improvement to my needs: camera, Mp3 player + radio, GPS and WiFi. All those needs are connected to my forecasts of living in Sweden for the next 2 years.

I’d like to have a camera for all those moments when you just want a snapshot, and you’re not acting like a newly-landed visitor. The Mp3+radio would be nice to skip taking my Creative Zen Nano Plus, so by all means this is not really a must (nothing is really :) ). The GPS would be neat when you stroll on Stockholm’s streets or when you take a trip to a place you you’ve never been to. Wireless, wireless, wireless.. I foresee lots of places with free WiFi and it would be great to get access without my laptop around.

Yet… for all these there’s a price to pay that I’m not really looking forward to go ahead with. E51, N78, N82, N95,… Even if I’d be a good liar to myself and go for a “deal” (monthly rate), instead of paying upfront.

So.. sticking to “less expensive” things! Definitely not cheap! Among them.. 6500 and 3510 XpressMusic. I guess I’ll go with the later.. cheaper, almost the same baterry life, almost half the weight. No 3G and lower camera quality - don’t care actually. The step forward would look something like this.

What do you think? What else is there around 150-200€?

Any other suggestions? Nokia or non-Nokia..

Here’s my small available Nokia phones comparison.
All prices are in SEK, as listed on .