me, myself & andrei

05 Aug 2008
What papers should I take?

It’s been a hard day today with all the ongoing preparations for the move to Sweden.

But one big question that is shared by most, if not every fresh Master student is “What papers should I take?

Here’s my list, as an EU citizen:

  • Ticket - booking and Passport/ID
  • Insurance - EHIC and private travel insurance
  • Proof of Funds
  • Admission Letter - from VHS and from KTH
  • KTH Housing - Proof of allocated address
  • KTH Housing - Proof of deposit payment
  • Bachelor Diploma - original and legalized copy (+translations)
  • Bachelor Transcript of Records - original and legalized copy (+translations)
  • Erasmus Transcript of Records - original and legalized copy (+translations)

Plus some “good to have”:

  • Baccalaureate Diploma - legalized copy
  • High School Transcript of Records - legalized copy
  • KTH checklist, guides, handbook, etc

And then there are things that are highly under the category “who knows!?”:

  • Birth certificate - photocopy
  • ID - photocopy
  • Passport - photocopy
  • backup application (duplicates of all the papers required)
  • English certificates - original and legalized copy
  • Reference letters