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06 Aug 2008
My luggage

Another problem, another solution..

On my way to Sweden, I’m flying [wiki:en:SAS]. They have a 20kg limit for the luggage, and 8kg limit for cabin luggage.

When you put that together with the fact that you’re moving for at least 2 years… uuuuuu!! Not good! But let’s see where this takes me. I got a nice suitcase and a smaller one for the cabin (fits the size restrictions). Then there’s the laptop bag!

I really suggest looking carefully for light suitcases, since otherwise you will waste all that limit, no matter how easy they are on you. And don’t buy expensive ones, if they are not “steel strong”. Ground services nowadays are quite lame at airports, so you’re bags have a high chance of getting tossed. So keep them light and cheap. My big suitcase is 4kg, while the small cabin one is just 2.5kg. And they were altogether around 100€.

That leaves 20+8-4-2.5 = 21.5 kg just for me-me-me.

Yesterday I stuffed most of my thing in the big suitcase, plus some pulovers that I actually won’t take. I wanted to fill it. In the end… go figure! Just 11kg! So no matter what I’ll stuff in there, instead of my pulovers, it will really be hard to reach 20kg. And then I have the cabin suitcase as well!

Of course, not all of the things I need will be in these suitcases. I will have an extra 10kg being sent by mail. With winter clothes and such.

I’m going to bring a sleeping bag actually. Some people don’t realise how useful it is to have one. First of all, it’s your mobile bed. I remember even now, after 5+ years, seeing Irish soldiers, on top of the Carpathians, throwing their stuffed sleeping bags and buf! They had their beds waiting for them! Not only that, but after you arrive in Sweden, you can use it to sleep around (get a 2beds room while hosting 3 of you), or you can use it as a winter cover.

Then, the clothes, the shoes, etc, etc. And the office things - postit notes, staples, markers, etc :) You need to keep yourself organized! I’d say the major issue here is that, although Stockholm is north enough, the past years brought some hot summer time. So you need to have a whole year clothes, therefore try to bring a little from each type of clothes.

Well, well.. we’ll see how this goes ;) I’ll update the post once I get to Sweden.

All in all, they should fit! What do you say?