me, myself & andrei

15 Aug 2008
Arrival Day

I arrived yesterday in Sweden (August 14th), and I stayed with a friend in just outside Uppsala for the first night. 800 SEK for the cab fare all the way from Arlanda. It’s a huge price, but I’ve never taken a cab before. And this time, with 43 kg following me, I think it was needed.

Got up and took the train to Stockholm. Left my two suitcases in the lockers there: 50 SEK for the big one, 40 SEK for the small one. I think this is the fee for 24 hours “hosting”. You need coins - so if you don’t have, you could use a machine that exchanges notes into coins, or just to Forex to exchange some money and kindly ask the personell to give you 100 SEK in coins for the lockers ;) That did the trick!

From T-Centralen it’s easy to get on the red line (be aware that it splits in Östermalmstorg towards Ropsten and Mörby centrum) and in no time, I was at Tekniska Högskolan. KTH is right in front of the subway station, and from there it’s really easy to get on Osquars Backe street. It’s only a pedestrian street, so don’t let it mislead you.

You have the Info Centre right in front of you, and just up the hill a bit, Bibliotek - The KTH Library. Grabed my key at the library, where I met Paulina (Mexico) and Jon (Denmark). Both of them exchange students :) I just became too talkative thinking everybody is a Master student at KTH, or even students at EMIS :P … I wonder why?!

After grabbing my papers at the Info Centre, I left with Paulina for the dorms.

It’s a bit tricky to get to my Ärvingevägen dorms from the Kista (pronounced Shista) subway (T-bana) station, but I managed after some good minutes. The problem is that there are plenty of streets, similarly named. But my strive had a good outcome - the way I used is much much more pleasing and engaging! :) So take the same one - and not the easiest one!

When you get out of the train, just go right and follow the people towards a bridge, a COOP shop and out of it, into Kista Torg. In front of you, you should have a nice square (torg). Just head on to Kistagången, until you intersect with Thorvaidsengången. You then turn left, and go straight ahead. You will reach Ärvingevägen, right where the dorms are ;) Perfect!

This path is much more fun than going on Danmarksgatan and then on Ärvingevägen. Just download the map, print it and use it.

My Kitchen

The place is very much OK. I like the purple bricks in “the kitchen”. Don’t let the bathroom smell scare you - they must have emptied the sewage pipes. So just flush the water, and let it poor a bit in the kitchen and toilet. Also, be aware that some rooms (as in most of them) are not numbered. I spend 10 minutes finding out that some of them have a small number on top of the door, and I was lucky to see that mine has a number as well. I also wasn’t lucky opening the main entrance door, and I couldn’t check back with the dorms people about it.. The plastic “key” is actually a magnetic key, even if it doesn’t look like one and that’s the key to the entrance door. And there is no Internet - we must first choose a provider, and then wait 10 days! Oh joy!

I then grabbed a bite in Kista Galleria, and lost myself - it was quite tricky to get back to the subway station once again, because it’s actually an “overway” station at Kista.

I’m now with all my things at some other friends in Stockholm, and I gave up my wish to go to Skatteverket today. I’ll go Monday morning, when there will be just a few people - I think  :???: Wish me luck!

I’ll now try to spend the weekend cleaning and putting up the place in Kista, while staying in Västra skogen ;) Meanwhile, you can check out the photos..