me, myself & andrei

15 Aug 2008
Which Bank?

As every other student, I’m bumping into..

Decisions, decisions!

One of them now is which bank should I choose? KTH recommends Nordea, SEB, or if you stay longer than one year, Handelsbanken.

Now.. to summarize the information that KTH gives you..

Nordea gives you a private account (?! what’s that?), a Visa Electron card and Internet banking and you pay 36 SEK/month.

SEB gives you a private account, Maestro card and payment service by envelope (You put your bill in a special envelope from the bank, you send it to them, and they extract they money from your account. Wtf?). They charge 15 SEK/month and 180 SEK/year.

Handelsbanken gives you a Mastro card, Internet banking and an ID card. 350 SEK for the ID and 150 SEK/year.

Now, the info that is nor written there is that Nordea had issues with their Internet banking, in terms of identity theft and financial leaks. Handelsbanken - so far, I heard only good things about them. The payment service by envelope is “smoked”, since if you have an Internet connection and an Internet banking service, you can do all your payments online.

And when it comes to money - Nordea: 432 SEK/year, SEB: 180 SEK/year, Handelsbanken: 150 SEK/year (plus 350 SEK for ID).

I’ll go with Handelsbanken, I guess.