me, myself & andrei

18 Aug 2008

That’s my room number - Ärvingevägen 14, 7061 - that’s the room that was so filthy that I cleaned it for 3 days, and still need to clean half of the fridge, the drawers and half of the kitchen cabinets (cleaning details to come).

A quarter of my rooms hair

A quarter of "my room's hair"

In short: thank you K Gubinasi for leaving the room full of your long badly-treated hair, the shower floor full with dirt and almost-impossible-to-clean “stuff”, and kitchen cabinets filled with grease spots (in layers, as Trevor said), and leaving candle wax on lots of places, and… and…

Why would you want to come to a clean country just to survive here? Certainly this person wasn’t living there, but only surviving. At the most, the “one” was living in their ignorance.

Ignorance is bliss..