me, myself & andrei

18 Aug 2008

For some Skattevärket (look up “värk” in a Swedish dictionary), for others.. a piece of cake.

I went there (to the Södermalm office in Stockholm) this morning (Monday), at 8:45, arriving after I got a bit lost from the subway station, and with Trevor waiting for me with a form. The form is really really simple - you just need to fill in with your identification information, with your Swedish address, and… and that’s it!

When getting a queue-number from the machine, press the one saying “Folkbokföring”, and wait your turn. You should be asked to give your passport and admission letter, if you’re staying in the dorms, or you’ll get asked to fill in another form regarding your hosts.

That was it. In and out in approx. 10 minutes. Every Swede will tell you that you should expect long queues at Skatteverket, but if you go really early - you managed to come clean in no time.

The papers will arrive in your mailbox 1-2 weeks after.

Skattekontor i Stockholms län  / Tax offices in Stockholm
Tel: 0771-567 567 (Skatte- och folkbokföringsupplysning)

Besöksadress: Magnus Ladulåsgatan 67
Besökstid: mån-tors 8-18, fre 8-16
Telefon: 0771-778 778

Besöksadress: Handenterminalen 6
Besökstid: 8-16
Telefon: 0771-778 778

Besöksadress: Spånstigen 31
Besökstid: 8-16
Telefon: 0771-778 778

  • “Trevor and me” story -

Trevor was waiting for me. We filled in the forms. We went inside - which button to press to get a queue number? Personbevis or Folkbokföring? I was hinting at the first, while Trevor at the later. He stayed in a queue at the information desk for 5 minutes, then asked. We got two numbers for Folkbokföring.

We waited, and waited for.. 5-10 minutes, and the same person was in that queue, just before Trevor. On the “boxes”, I read Folkbokföring/Personbevis for the desk that was supposed to be for Personbevis. At that desk, people were literally flying in and out. So… I thought: act dumm, and play a bit of charm :)

I went and got two numbers for Personbevis. Trevor rejected getting the first number (he had the first number for the Folkbokföring queue), so.. Almost immediately there was my turn, and a lovely lady at the Personbevis desk told me “Well, you should be in another line.. but I can still help you. No problem.” Exchanged smiles and documents, one “Tack så mycket!” and that was it!

I finished with my application, while Trevor was barely going to his desk :)

PS: don’t do it my way, since you can lose precious time and even get your ass kicked ;)
PS2: do it Trevor’s way all the way - take the red line to Mariatorget (that’s the closest subway station for Södermalm’s Skatteverket)