me, myself & andrei

19 Aug 2008
Cleaning Days

As promised, here’s the story about cleaning my room.

I first saw my room on Friday, and it didn’t look clean, although it didn’t look like there’s too much work to do either. Just lots of hair on the floor, some stains on the cabinets, and a bathroom to clean. Coming from a country like Romania, you say “Oh well, I was going to clean the place anyway, even if it seemed squeaky clean (expression of the week)..”

Came back on Saturday noon with Trevor, and with two bags of chemicals and scrubs, for a job that seemed like a 4-5 hours work. We’ll do it in no time!

The hell we would!

We started with the kitchen cabinets and stove - we sprayed the surface, brushed it, then tried to clean it. Bum! The grease/dirt/filth/whatever.. was still there! Try again.. and again.. and again.. and again.. and again! Of course, Trevor stoped after getting off two layers, but since I had to live there sometime.. I did it 3, 4, 5, 6, .. or try 10 times!

After 4 hours - Trevor and I managed to sweep half of the floor, clean the kitchen and some drawers in a noticeable, yet not very clean way, and only 2 kitchen cabinets that were really clean!

Sunday morning I went there from 12 to 10pm. By myself, with only one hour of break to eat something at Kista Galleria. When I ended there, only one question was on my mind “What the fuck to start with?” To say the truth, I cannot even remember what exactly I did on that day. I managed to sweep the floor to a “it’s clean enough” level, clean the blinds, the windows and to repair all the lights.


Monday morning I went there from 10ish until 4pm, and then I moved in around 7pm, cleaning some more. I managed to clean the filthy “brand new” fridge and the filthiest bathroom walls, floor, toilet, sink and cabinet I ever saw. So many things in there look brand new - they still have the labels/stickers or the duck tape, just that considering the filth (need a synonim for this maybe, since I’m overusing it to describe reality) they look as if they were never cleaned in months. And when I mean clean - I am only referring to just wipe the thing with water even.

Today I managed to clean a drawer to start putting my clothes inside. That’s it for some days, until I regain energy. I think I have the most tired face in years! My feet were aking so much yesterday that it took me an hour to fall asleep.

Talking with some Swedes these days about this, we ended up to the conclusion that they probably do this on purpose or something.. If you find the room unclean, as an international student, you don’t know that SB or SSSB is supposed to send a pro-team to clean the place before you move in, so you start cleaning on your own, or you are just too busy to take care of Skatteverket, or induction schedule, that you don’t care for some time. Depending on your country, you might also not think of complaining.

So, if you complain and not clean your room - God knows when they will send in the pro-team to clean your place. If you complain and clean your room, you get a 500 SEK discount from your first rent. If you don’t complain, it’s heaven for them!

Did anyone of you living in Kista go through the same scenario?